TBI Advocacy & Consulting

Our Services:

Life coaching and consulting in areas list below with heart felt understanding of the TBI journey from personal experience.  

Outline of what's to come after diagnosis - every brain injury is different

Navigating and/or talking with medical doctors and specialists and managing paperwork

Reaching deep into faith, hope & purpose... Finding the right support groups

When and how to talk to friends, family & community about your loved ones needs

Delegating needs to others

Finding & managing schedules of caregivers, therapies, etc. 

Receiving appropriate rehabilitation OT, PT, SP/L, Neuropsychologists, Vision Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, etc., how to get past No's from medical insurance and sorting through resources.

Resources for TBI  once home or researching best options outside home

Navigating your new "normal"

Nutrition, leaving loved on home alone, friendships, etc.

Driving again after brain injury / discussions and evals

Gearing up for personality changes and new behaviors

Returning to school and/or work

Applying for SSI, Disability, Regional Center, other government programs

Trusts and Conservator-ship of loved one

Teaching and encouraging skills at home

Caring for the caregiver - taking time for yourself to stay healthy and positive

Public speaking engagements for TBI awareness & advocacy


For more information contact Kristi Carter directly at 949.923.7381