What We Do

At Peyton's Purpose we are a supported independent living community that focuses on: 

  • High functioning ambulatory young adults
  • Daily living skills: planning & prepping, safety, and building independence 
  • Person Centered: assisting individuals to reach their short and long term obtainable goals and dreams
  • Enhancing quality of life by growing in insight, becoming responsible for their own actions and results, making a difference for others, growing in meaningful relationships, building self esteem, being a purposeful and productive member in society
  • Family and friend involvement and enrichment topics/activities and support groups
  • Proactive medical care and medicine management
  • Community integration: work, grocery shopping, banking, library, haircuts, going to restaurants, ect. 
  • Money management and budgeting with regular check-ins for accountability. 
  • Recreation and leisure activities in home and in community
  • Vocational, education, mobility and social skills training
  • Nutrition (cooking) and healthy body (exercise program) 
  • Leisure activities such as: dining out, sports games, amusement park, movies, shopping, beach days, camping trips, hiking, paddle boarding, go-car racing, museums, theater, and other hobbies
  • TBI support group, Bible study for clients at home or in community 
  • Encourage individual or supported meal planning, preparing, clean up on roatating schedule
  • Encourage activity planning and executing within budget on rotating schedule
  • Schedule weekly activity board
    • Will include daily/weekly: fitness classes, volunteers coming for enrichment classes, Bible study, attend church, activities/outings, parties, support groups, goal setting
  • Lastly, we will encourage rest and relaxation, giving each person an appropriate amount of free time and promote regular sleep patterns


To provide hope and purpose to young adults who have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and similar neurological diagnosis. 


Provide a "real life" home environment that encompasses trained supervision and productive structure for high functioning, ambulatory residents. 


We at Peyton's Purpose believe that every life has a purpose and we are believers of a big God. We plan to enhance the quality of the lives after TBI with Christian faith and values in our daily living, encouraging hope, and purpose in their unique place each day.